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July 12th, 2009, 21:52
Not *currently* listening but I just came back from the Hultsfred Festival where I saw a couple of bands, some mini-reviews:

Dropkick Murphys: Good but not great, but it had more to do with the crowd than the band I think, since they played as the second band of the whole thing and people weren't in the mood yet.
Franz Ferdinand: Great show with a good number of "live-only" divergences from the album versions of their songs. A bit strange song selection at times but that didn't matter so much with all the effort they put in.
Kings of Leon: Good but nothing spectacular, they pretty much just did their thing and a little talkie in between. The drummer looked VERY bored.
Regina Spektor: I love her! So sweet and still a show with a lot of energy and happiness. I watched her in the second row together with my sister and we were both a bit lyrical afterward.
The Killers: Best show of the festival for me, which probably had a lot to do with me standing front and center. Slow start after opening with Human but it picked up and the the last seven songs or so were all really good picks. Unfortunately I missed White Lies in exchange for my good spot.
Nashville Pussy: Never heard of them before but it was worth checking out. Quite obscene much of the time but they played old-school Rock'n'Roll with energy and passion, and the lead guitarist was impressive.
Slagsmålsklubben: Electronica/bit-pop/dance/drunk-nerds-with-computers-on-a-stage at its best, they did a show that can't really be compared to anything I've seen before. Unfortunately I got pushed and fell in the mud close to the front, felt dangerous for a little while but just muddy and smelly afterward…
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