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July 21st, 2009, 04:26
I think Fleetwood Mac tour, and possible resurgence is a good thing. Dont get me wrong, I think if I was to hear "Dont Stop" one more time I would most likely feel like hurling. Why would I support Fleetwood Mac 2009 then?

The same reason I support all classic rock - because in my opinion it's the lesser of the two evils. I may not like it anymore, but I think it's far preferable to the music produced for children today.

Any chance that a newer generation has to turn on to classic rock, as much as something like "rock and roll hoochie koo" draws the stomach acid up to the back of my very throat… it's far preferable to the knuckle-dragging quasi-ghetto bullshit that's rammed down their throat at every possible turn. I will clench my teeth and stomach "Stairway to Heaven" for an eternity if it will prevent my child, or someone else's, from wearing their pants around their thighs and calling each other "nigga".

Rock on, Mick Jagger, rock on!
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