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July 27th, 2009, 13:43
Originally Posted by bemushroomed View Post
Share a link to what? Fake boxes or unboxing? i think i've seen pictures of fake boxes in every thread (of a big game release) on Nforce. It's not something I bookmark lol.
I was thinking of photos or videos of fake boxes. Not just fake box art, or fake box designs -- photos or videos of actual, physical fake boxes, with fake content.

Basically, the reason I think it's unlikely to be a third-party hoax is that the box and contents looked pretty real, and it would be a considerable amount of work to produce props that look that real, even on low-quality video -- but the video work was crappy. Usually (like in your example), it's the other way around -- minimal physical props, maximal digital manipulation. Therefore, I'm still inclined to think this originated from BioWare, and because BioWare would certainly find it easy to find out who made it, if it was unauthorized, I'm inclined to think it has their official sanction.

In any case, we'll have more evidence presently: if there is an actual Collector's Edition box that looks like the one in the video, with the contents shown in the video (minus the sausage), it's either from inside BioWare, or they mysteriously lost a box. (I find the latter somewhat unlikely, because they're usually very careful about stuff like that.)

Here's a good unboxing video for ya: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2kGyR55dp8A (way more impressive than this lame hoax )
Yeah, that was funny. Not quite what I was looking for, though -- it was an obvious joke, and a rather a good one; only the outside of the box was pretending to be real.
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