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August 5th, 2009, 01:45
I think he's *totally* right in what he is saying there. It's just that most RPGs do a really crap job of implementing it.

Maybe Alpha Protocol will come through on some of that. Also, while I appreciate that dialogues in it will change a lot of stuff, I still really hate the idea of games taking away my precious camera control during conversations. I hate getting shoved into cutscenes everytime I want to talk to anyone.

Also, many people will totally disagree with him. It appears that, for many people, RPGs should be lengthy stories with tons of narrative, where you have crap gameplay in between the "servings of story." It's become so "experience based", it seems most people just want to be told a story rather than being given the opportunity to make the story yourself (there will always be boundaries of course, but the general idea of it) through choices.
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