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August 5th, 2009, 11:46
Originally Posted by Thoth View Post
I also don't think that any game has ever been built solely on story, from the beginning. They have always been built around what type of game they'll be.
True by definition, since we're talking games, but some do come close to "pure narrative games". And I don't mean Planescape - Planescape has plenty of gameplay, much of which MCA feels fall short, as he explained in the interview available on RPGWatch.

I'm thinking more the period of long-ass FMV games, when CDs were breaking through as a primary gaming medium for both PC and consoles. Take the infamous Ripper FMV; dialogue options were just kind of fluff since you had to go through all of them anyway, it's got some puzzles and you have to figure out the clues, naturally, but it's pretty gameplay light. David Patrick Kelly is awesome in it, tho'. As is Chris Walken, naturalement.
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