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August 13th, 2009, 01:16
Originally Posted by dteowner View Post
@everyone- for those of you that like ambient stuff (DeepO), I've got a side project of a group I enjoy that might be tasty. I don't generally get into ambient, so I'll just throw this out there without the usual exclamations.

Sounds pretty solid, thanks!

Iīve been on a high tech psytronic spree lately:

Ott - Blumenkraft (2003)
Well put together dub album, featuring a lot of influences from other genres.
Mainly instrumental, which is a bit pity since its two vocal songs are the highlights:
Splitting an Atom
Smoked Glass & Crome

Younger Brother - The Last Days of Gravity (2007)
Diverse psybient release from Simon Posfordīs (Shpongle) side project. Its two (given the genre) most experimental tracks are my favourite.
First one is just one amazing buildup, second sounds more or less like electronixed Porcupine Tree.
Your Friends Are Scary
Ribbon on a Branch

Solar Fields - Earthshine (2007)
Solar Fields is Magnus Birgerssonīs one man mostly ambient project however this album is basically old school trance played on top of ambient tracks, eh.
Trance is one of the all-time most creatively stale genres but the ambient aspect on this record makes it a bit more interesting.
More importantly, the guy is capable to create the most textural and spaced out pad/synth sound ever which makes a joy to listen to his albums quite on its own.
Black Arrow

All three records are of really exceptional sonic quality, thus itīs recommended to put the volume up to make all the nuances shine .
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