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August 15th, 2009, 16:14
." As far as an Elders Scrolls based MMO, he said in jest, "There's always a chance."

I know this is just said as a joke but still not funny. Is this really where the AAA games are headed? All MMO, all the time. Rumors about Diablo 3 being a paid service. Warhammer going the MMO route and now maybe Elder Scrolls. I played WAR. It was boring as hell. I really don't understand the appeal. As much as I complain about Beth I still wouldn't want their "next big project" to be some stupid MMO, just like the thousands of other MMOs out there. I don't mind multiplayer so much, but these MMOs are seriously boring.

One thing Beth does well is making blueprints of games and great modding tools for the fans to custom build their own game. Oblivion wasn't as good as Morrowind and Morrowind isn't what I'd call the best RPG to be released, but with some mods both of them weren't half bad. Just ignore the plots of course. They'll never know how to do that right.

You know what I've changed my mind. I hope they do get out of the SP RPG market. That'll make more room for new companies like DoubleBear. God I hope they can tap into this niche market.
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