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August 16th, 2009, 21:32
Originally Posted by JDR13 View Post
Well….if you actually liked Transformers and King Kong, then you probably would like District 9. It's got the same over-produced, glitzy, effects-heavy style as those movies.
Well, I wouldn't place Transformers and King Kong on the same level. Transformers was awesome mindless action with great CG, while I found King Kong to have a bit more substance. Not a lot, but definitely more than Transformers, which was mostly an excuse to have cool looking robots fighting each other. King Kong did have Jack Black and Adrian Brody, the latter of which I'm a big fan (loved The Pianist and The Jacket).

EDIT: Oh, and regarding District 9, I'm actually quite pumped to see it. It's got great reviews so far, and 9.0/10 on imdb. I've also talked to some guy who shares my taste in movies and he said it's quite different and interesting. So I'll go see and see if he's right.
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