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August 17th, 2009, 03:33
Another question from another looney :-)
I have 1.08j version and the following issue: quest with the Orc cemetry. Playing for the swam Sect. I have found both pieces of parchment, tried to read one of the, (beginning with something like 'Galak') enjoyed a cut-off scene while accompanying guru reads them and explains something about teleportation, where after we have to move to a large hall with columns. Both parchments have meanwhile disappeared from my inventory. Guru tells something else about teleportation, we move to a point near a kind of gate in the wall, where - according to hints received/found at some old forums, teleportation has to occur- and nothing happens. Guru continues to stand thoughtfully, no dialogues available. Thinking that I still miss something, I went to look around, and when I came back guru has disappeared. So, no guru, no parchment, no saves, no fun :-)
I had a kind of similar problem earlier in the game with that novice, from which I had to pick up the focus stone: he run away from me at night to the forest, and came back only after 2-3 days of playing time. Probably also in this teleportation case I have to walk around another week waiting for the return of this guru with my parchments (or without them?), but my patience with this game is over, as I had already had to restart it a good dozen of times due to errors, which up to now I could somehow find in different forums. So I just simply report this bug.
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