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August 17th, 2009, 14:44
The game scales to your ability. If your really getting your butt beat by the game, it will give some bonuses to help you out.

I think your getting stuck on the wording. Where positive normally means some good, in this case it means you're rewarded for doing well and punished if you are not keeping up. So the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. The game won't scale to your ability.

Now the negative loop is actually the helpful one. The game will try to compensate for your failings. I don't really have any games off the top of my head that do this, but think of it like this. Wizardry 8 scaled the level of monsters and I even think the quantity to how high your level was. For example you wouldn't get a Queen Ant at level one. You would just get the normal ants, but as your level got higher the monsters got tougher. The ants now came with a queen.

Now take that example and apply it not to your level but to how well you are doing in a game. If the game sees you dying too much it could either give you little bonuses to your battles to help you get back on track or it could scale down the difficulty of the monsters to your fighting ability.

The opposite of this is true as well. If the game sees your kicking butt and taking names, then it might bump up the level of the monsters to give you more of a challenge. Like Rampant Coyote said "It tries to force you to the middle". So basically making the game not too frustrating or too easy.

I guess scaling is the easiest way to describe it, but replace scaling to your level to scaling to your ability.

Forgot to add the negative aspect to the positive feedback loop. There is no negative aspect other than the fact that if you can't keep up then you get left behind. No mercy for you my friend
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