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August 20th, 2009, 20:03
Honestly, Cape Dun was hard; I actually did more exploring and leveled up some more before even attempting it. I am a relatively slow player. What helped me was that I was at the top near tower where they had Wenzel imprisoned and I had two of those Fire Rain (correct title?) scrolls. I kind of stood in the middle of a crowd of those orcs and let loose. It only killed one or two but the fire rain also put serious damage on all within the circle and thus making melee much easier. The enemy had to come up the path to get to me so that severly limited their ability to flank.

Monterra was different. Pure carnage and I had to run for my life more time than I care to count. One thing I've noticed was that when one begins to liberate a city the enemies flock to the Nameless Hero as if he were a magnate. I lost time in how long the fighting lasted. Very few survivors left and a whole lot of pillaging in the mean time.

I don't really like playing mages but I have found using magic to support a fighter/archer can be a great thing.

VPeric, I'm not one of the best players around either. And, oh yes, I do have patch 1.72. By the way, patch 1,73 has been announced over at the JoWood forums and from what I have read can be installed over even saved games as long as one has 1.7x version of the patches already installed.
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