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August 23rd, 2009, 22:37
Originally Posted by Balmoran View Post
Zakhary, you are so my kinda person! There's just nothing like the souind of the silt strider in good old untouched up MW. Most people hate me if I say Oblivion's Chocolate box prettiness is shallow as compared to Morrowind's charming grittiness. MW is just my best game ever, I love that unique almost wistful feel to it. ( I rather enjoyed Fable though, it was a nice tongue-in-cheek mix; the cheering crowds just became simply too much when I got cheered by admiring fans after having an hour or two of "fun" in the brothel. The little hero actually blushed there….)
Hmmm - I feel like I'm going a little mad here, because now I'm not sure if the above post was done by myself… Balmoran is the username I used on a few forums - it's still my username at gamespot/gamefaqs… ummm, and the abovementioned sentiments (except for the drivel about Fable - I hate Peter Molyneax's style, actually) could pretty much have been my own..

Hrrmm, -if there is another Balmoran, please stand up or forever hold your peace…

Anyway- that post was obviously done a while ago, because lately I have indeed tried out a few mods. The best 'head' mod for me, was actually "Vvardenfell Visages". http://planetelderscrolls.gamespy.co…detail&id=5883

Be careful of texture mods. Some can make the place look worse. I made up my own texture mod with bits and pieces from other mods.

I also used Nangsid's taps and rugs, and another rug replacer, because I never liked the original rugs.

I also use animal realism (makes especially cliffracers less aggro) a bedspread and fabric replacer, a miscellaneous item replacer, and some textures that make the interior of Redoran buildings look absolutely beautiful.

Then also some additional sounds like marsh sounds, and a cool sealife mod… hmmf, I see I have come a long way from the time that I was still calling myself "Balmoran"

Yeah, in the end, if you don't like fiddling around a lot, you might want to go for one of those "pre-packaged" mod combo's, but i've found that there is always something in them that I don't like, especially if they change too much of the original Morrowind flavour.
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