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August 24th, 2009, 12:10
Liberating cities is not the issue; talking to the Orc Commanders is. You'll get two warnings: "Someone is liberating our cities!" (or similar) when going near the next Commander after liberating a city, and at the 3rd one he'll figure out it's you, attack you, and then every orc in the game will attack you on sight.

Often, talking to the Commander is part of the quest to liberate the city, but it can be avoided. This is how you do it:
1. Do all quests in Myrtana first, including whatever you want done for the Orcs.
2. Liberate all cities, one after the other, without doing anything inbetween. Trigger the attack on a city by killing Orcs in or near the city, instead of triggering it near the Commander.
3. Congratulations. You have now liberated Myrtana, but you can still talk to the orcs in Varant without being attacked on sight (these orcs will also attack you on sight if you talk to the Commanders in Myrtana after liberating cities).

I generally do this every time I play rebel, simply because I don't like losing out on the orc quests in Varant because I liberated Myrtana.
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