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August 24th, 2009, 13:14
Originally Posted by Sir Markus View Post
First trailer for James Cameron's movie 'Avatar' was released earlier today. It doesn't reveal much, but it looks interesting.

(You have to scroll down through the article and click on the link to get to the trailer, btw).

James Cameron gets infinite passes from me based on Terminator and Aliens - but ever since he went family/mainstream (T2 and beyond), he's lost my attention.

Avatar strikes me as yet another family film - although with amazing production values. Basically, it looks kinda like the Gungan fight from EP1 in an extended version. Probably with a lot better humor and better acting, but I doubt it'll be up to his old standards.

He HAS to appeal to the entire world with that kind of budget - so there's no way he'll do anything that might shock or provoke any significant thoughts. All it'll be is an amazing spectacle and probably the best CGI yet - but that's not the same as a good film in my mind.

Look to Titanic for the kind of content you'll see. I'm not saying Titanic is bad, and I actually think it's a decent film - but compared with his old stuff, it's like it's not even there.




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