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August 24th, 2009, 23:41
Originally Posted by Krzychu View Post
I rather thought that gold having very little worth in D2 was refreshing, interesting, and good. You could buy a hundred potions and scrolls without thinking twice about it, so it didn't interfere with actual gameplay, and players would trade items for items. The community would come up with the currency themselves - perfect skulls, later Stone of Jordans…
I emphatically disagree. SoJs became currency only through mass (and I mean MASS) duping, and high runes are used the same way and through the same duping. The best legitimate currency nowadays is Forum Gold from an external site (D2JSP). Trading items for items is extremely tedious, just like bartering is in the real world, and so is trading for anything in game through the extremely ungainly mechanism of making games with trade titles and hoping by luck the right person joins. Contrast that kind of trading with an Auction House (as in WoW), or with D2JSP, where you put up the items you find and they sell for currency to whomever wants to pay the most, and then you can take that currency and find exactly what you want.

There's just no point to having a currency if it's not worth something. Having a thriving 3rd party site to handle your trading means your game is doing something wrong. Diablo III's trade system will be more of a success the closer sites like D2JSP are to useless for the new game.
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