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August 26th, 2009, 01:20
I doubt itīs possible to deliver a compelling story along with interesting character development in under 20 hours of game time. Similarly, itīs highly unlikely the 55+ hours long game will be able to maintain challenge and focused story throughout.

Also, thereīs quite a big difference between games whose story is more-or-less the same every time you play them and games which offer substantially different paths through them.

So, Iīd say 25 - 50 hours is just about right, with a side note that more replayable the game is, less time for one playthrough suffice.
Obviously any game needs to be fun for the majority of its playtime, regardless of length. 25 hours long great game is always better than 50 hours long mediocre one, regardless of replayability.

Now, if only developers invested more time into "masterplanning" their games to avoid the drop of quality which happens in the last third or so in most crpgs..
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