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August 26th, 2009, 03:16
How old is this game now? I don't even have it loaded up on my computer.

I thought that the DLC was supposed to be free. Maybe that was just for the first one, but why charge now after all these years? What they should do is release it for free to get people like me to load up Mass Effect again. What better advertising for Mass 2 than giving away free stuff?

Oh and I highly doubt I'm going to buy this. I'd rather spend $10 on the Might and Magic package from GoG than spend 5 bucks on a game that will maybe add another 2 - 4 hours to the game.

Also, wasn't one of their big advertising pitches was that they'd have free DLC? Maybe it was just that one free DLC, but IIRC they made a huge deal out of it. I always assumed they meant more than one.
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