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August 26th, 2009, 09:15
Originally Posted by KasperFauerby View Post
Anyway, since I'm always around to defend the poor developers a little bit, I of course also have a short response to the comments about it being because the devs are lazy
Of course doing checkpoints can sometimes make the technology behind handling the savegames easier - but I still think it's mostly a game design decision. With one game I worked on we actually *had* implemented a "save anywhere" system that worked fine on consoles as well (PS2 and XBox). Late in the beta testing phase we were told by our publisher to scrap that and do checkpoints.. the reason they gave us was that they simply didn't believe us, when we told them it would work fine. They hadn't found any actual problems - they just didn't believe it would pass through QA.
So, in the end we *did* end up with a checkpoint system - but it was the same old "save/load anywhere" code that was used to create/load those checkpoints…
Please don't misunderstand - I didn't mean to imply that developers were lazy, but that the game design approach in particular was lazy.

I'm fully aware that developers don't sit around on their asses twiddling thumbs - or maybe they do, but then they're thinking

But it's a lazy design choice, because it's the "easy way out" regardless of who's to blame.




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