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August 26th, 2009, 13:30
The only timer I don't like is an overall timer -- like the water chip one in Fallout, or the timer in Pathways into Darkness. It's a cheap way to create a sense of urgency. "Sorry, the timer ran out and you're dead, although you got 95% through and would've won if you had just been five minutes faster. Better luck next time, champ." Blech.

I'm totally cool with timed actions as components of gameplay. Naturally they can be done well, acceptably, or really badly, but there's nothing badly wrong with them as such. A dialog timer doesn't sound bad at all; if well done, it'll make you think on your feet as well as make for more natural conversations rather than the usual, rather contrived "explore the dialog tree until all options are exhausted" thing in cRPG's.
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