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August 26th, 2009, 16:23
Originally Posted by Prime Junta View Post
I like the idea, since, as I said, it forces you to think on your feet. At least I always get tempted to try to reverse-engineer cRPG conversations -- figure out what whoever I'm talking to wants to hear, and then pick those lines. If I had to do this fast, I would find it easier to stay in character -- to play a role rather than a game. The *length* of the responses I have to choose from is immaterial, and in fact short ones would probably work better since they're easier to process at a glance.

I'm sure this is contingent on preference -- somebody who has a strong liking for deliberative gameplay (e.g. strongly prefers TB over RT) would probably hate it.
Well, the timer strikes me as a relatively redundant or superfluous feature.

Based on what Bioware devs originally said in reference to the way they handle dialogue in Mass Effect, they said they wanted to make it flow better - and avoid the situation of people having to read 3-4 long sentences before deciding how to respond.

To add a timer on top of that strikes me as overdoing it - but then again, the game isn't out and I haven't seen how it's used.

It's just my first thought when I heard about it.

Personally, I think the cinematic aspect of ME (including the dialogue system) was one of the best aspects of the game - so I don't mind AP using it. I'm just not sure having a timer added is a good idea. Especially for those who enjoy responding in the most "gamey" fashion. Why shouldn't they be able to do that, if that's what they enjoy.




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