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August 31st, 2009, 02:19
playing Settlers:Rise of an Empire, got it for like 7 bucks a while ago.

Nice game, mostly just a calm city building to sit and watch develop. Really not in the mood for action right now, so I really kinda like it. I can go to the restroom and come back and life carries on whilst I'm gone. The combat model is really simplistic and kinda blows, but you know - I'm kinda thankful for that. Click, look at the scuffle and hope when the dust settles your crew is the one left standing. Everything takes a long time, as Ive read is typical to the series, thankfully they have put a x2&3 speed up button for times when you may need it.

It'll probably bore me here pretty soon, but for now it's a cool little ant farm of a game that i'm having a good time with. Nice graphics too.
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