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September 1st, 2009, 05:07
Oh yeah TXA, Blacula rocks! I have that and the sequel "Scream Blacula, Scream", awesome 70's blaxploitation horror, a very rare mix! On the cult classic front, I can recommend "Vampyres", good eurotrashy castle vampire flick. "countess dracula" and "the vampire lovers" are good Ingridd Pitt blood-n-boobs flicks, cant go wrong w/ that. The Hammer dracs are good, if only for the laugh in the end at all the ridiculous ways Dracula can die. Good 80's fun can be found in Fright Night, must have watched that one ten times at least

Interview w/ the Vampire is the only movie that I've ever watched, rewound, then immediately watched again. I loved it, personally it was one of those films that gripped me so, made me wonder how I could somehow invest myself further in that world somehow. So I wore more black, grabbed the V:TM rulebook, smoked some cloves, and read all the Rice books I could get.. lol.
Claudia was probably my favorite - such a tragic, terrible figure. A resentful child vampire never to grow up, forever hating Lestat for her curse. Cruise was great, Antonio was great, I think the cast as a whole was great. Strangely enough, that's one dvd I dont own, probably a subconscious maneuver of sorts to try and keep it special.

I kinda liked Queen of the Damned, but it was nowhere near as good as Interview.

Most normal people dont know about Shadow of the Vampire, I'm really quite surprised and pleased that so many here have seen it and appreciate it's merit. Brilliant film from start to finish. I've shown it to some non-horror fans, even subjected my own mother to it and she liked it. Vampires can be scary, such as in Salem's Lot, but for a vampire film to be really effective for me and recognized as a true classic it has to show the human tragedy of the vampire, as well as the monster. Coppola's remake is great in that respect as well, showed that one last halloween and my fiancee was bawling! ='.'=

I purrsonally think 30 Days of Night deserves a mention, that was a pretty good modern vampire film. Still have to see Herzog's Nosferatu, been meaning to add that one to netflix que.
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