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September 7th, 2009, 22:35
playing Warhammer:Mark of Chaos.

Tho I dont like the world half as much as I like WH40K, it's still pretty interesting nonetheless. The Warhammer universe is just so over the top, it's always entertaining in a heedless ultraviolence kinda way. I just cant help but snicker when the Skaven are being thrown in all directions as a cannonball is hurled right in the middle of them. MOC is different from Dawn of War, in that youre controlling far more of a legion, unfortunately this tends to bog down my pc a little bit here and there. There's rpg element in how you build your heros, but also how you build your persistant army that you drag thru the game with you. Towns w/ temple, armory, barracks, and alchemist exist that you can use to buy items, warriors, or items for your warriors. All the usual rts upgrades to troops are gotten this way. Loot drops on the battlefield too, but you gotta be quick enough to gather it all before the victory screen pops up or youre SOL..

At first I was walking all over everything, then the difficulty went up when Skaven got rolled out. The rats can be a formidable foe, and I got hammered a few times pretty hard until i started hanging back and being a little more patient and thoughtful in my attack. Now i'm doing good against them, but the campaign has suddenly put me in charge of the Elves.

Overall it's a fun game. Ive been playing it for 3 days now, had I paid full price for it, I feel it would have been worth it.
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