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September 8th, 2009, 17:07
Ok, Fraps sucks when trying to take screenshots with dialogue boxes. Should of checked all the shots before I took screenshots up to half of the game and uploaded them to photobucket. I'll be using the ctrl-f5 for dialogue box screenshots and fraps for the normal game. The dosbox one takes much smaller screenshots than fraps, but whatcha going to do?

@Grandor Sorry dude, I'm just not that witty. I'll try to liven it up, but seriously you don't want me making jokes. They just suck something awful (pun inteded):-)

Ok here is the continuing adventures of Janitor aka Roger Wilco. Last we left him he just woke up from a catnap in the broom closet. Almost immediatly the alarm sounded and he headed straight into the library. He is now checking out the room he wandered into.

No, not that kind of UNIT.

This kind.

Ok, I think I'm done for now. There is definitely something here, but we have no idea what to get yet. Exit stage right.

Oh cool, everyone is dead. I got dibs on that stargenerator thingamajig.

Let's see if this was a rpg I would be stripping this dead body naked and selling the *phat* loot at the local pawnshop. Let's try that.

What did we learn from this post? Always search any dead body you find. You never know when that keycard or other phat loot will come in handy.
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