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September 8th, 2009, 18:46
Just finished Gothic 3 - finally - with latest community patch (rebalanced, better AI etc). I had a quest bug when I first played it that did not report my killing Zuben correctly. Anyway, I didn't realise I'd actualy finished at the end! "Oh…that was it?" I played a fire mage this time…a lot easier than playing a fighter. In fact it became downright dull - except when I got pinned in a tight spot and couldn't fire of a spell without being interrupted. I'm still not sure how armour works…no matter how high the value I seemed to get smacked and spells interrupted. Overall it was fun, but def some mechanical issues
- I could destroy the entire population of a city while people patiently waited in line for me to kill them ("Next please!"). I did like the neat line of corpses though.
- I could still be hit (constantly) by low level critters when I had extremely high AC
- I could spam fireballs but a more powerful spell like flamewave was all but useless because it takes too damn long to &%#$#!!!ing well cast and is always &%$#$!ing interrupted! These spells should be fast, to get you out of spot when you're surrounded - surely?
- as a mage no fighter ever posed a danger if I could get any distance on them…even the mightiest of the mighty. And that was just with a lowly fireball! (Well, I've always preferred mages - bounding about in a dress etc - but that is a bit too much even for me ;-)
- never seemed to derive any benefit from magical resistance - even with Robe of Adanos. Magical staves spell defending 'shielding' also seemed useless. Looked cool though - until the fireball flew through it and exploded in your face!

I still think the atmosphere was great, and I liked the open world with all its perils (except boars and wolves…curse them!) I was amazed how much stuff I missed from my first play through, which I thought was fairly comprehensive.
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