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September 9th, 2009, 12:02
Alrighty then it's time for the continuing adventures of our hapless hero/janitor, Roger Wilco.

I want to thank whoever fixed the images here, I'm thinking Jaz :-) I noticed while I was at work that they were cut off a little on the right side, but now they're perfect. That makes this a little easier. I was trying to figure out which size they would fit in this thread.

And other good news. I figured out how to use fraps so that it won't cut off the dialogue boxes. It's a little odd, but if I alt-enter after I hit the key to take the shot it won't cut the box in half.

And now back to Roger Wilco. Last we checked on him he was just about to grab the cartridge that the dying scientist pointed to. Now we get to see the flying box unit grab the cartridge and bring it back in awsome EGA detail.

Now that we have the cartidge let's try to get the heck off this ticking timebomb. While searching for a way to get off this tin can I hear some footsteps. Roger being Roger decides to check it out thinking that they're probably more scientists with more cool stuff to grab.

Hey cool! It's V.I.N.CENT from the Black Hole. Maybe I can get his autograph. (First of hopefully many obscure movie references that these young whipper snappers won't understand)

I take it that's a no on the autograph thing?

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