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September 10th, 2009, 21:02
Currently I'm mostly playing the following two games:

1. Doom 3
Didn't finish it when it came out, intend to finish it now. I like the horror feeling of the game. After Doom 3 I'll continue with a few other horror shooters: Unreal, Fear. Also got to start on Prey, since they finally managed to finish the game.

2. Oblivion
First time I played (and finished) it, I didn't use any mods except for the mandatory landscape texture mods. This time I've installed Oscuro's overhaul, and I find the game more challenging and satisfying now, mainly because it addresses the issue I really didn't care for during my first play-through: enemy levelling. One thing I liked with Gothic 1 and 2 was that while you could go almost anywhere, most places you would not survive. Thus it felt like an achievement when I managed to kill the enemy which had me running again and again. Vanilla Oblivion, lacked that feature, Oscuro brought it back. (Ok, I know this is old news).

In other ways I play the game like I did. The game world is even more beautiful with new hardware. I spend a lot of time doing nothing, except wandering around in the woods. Using "forceweather 00038ef1 1" for that lovely permanent thunderstorm. I like rain and virtual thunder (not real life thunder due to it's association with lightning which can damage my hardware), I really do (I know I'm weird).

This time I've also created a more balanced character, where my main skills progress more uniformly, avoiding fast runners like "sneak" and "athletics" which rise in levels just by looking at the game. And I've chosen a couple of skills I will use as minors, so that I really have to practice to get better. Without using trainers. I think.




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