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September 11th, 2009, 15:12
I think a lot of people have been thinking, why does the game not have this skill, or it would be really cool if I could do this or that. This games is turn based, the characters are placed in a kind of grid.

You can suggest any skill you had ideas about. You can also suggest NONE COMBAT skills.

Here is an example of a skill the "Senior Guard" class has:

Skill Name: Guard

Allows yo to guard another character, the ability allows you to block 3 squares from ranged attacks according to the following : ( X is the char beinng guarded O is the char guarding o is squares being guarded)


There are two ways to guard, one way is the guard manages to block the projectile completely ( using a shield gives a bonus to this ), the second is he blocks it and takes damage.

It is also possible to fail the guard completely which results in X being hit.

You can also comment on this skill if you want. I will fill this thread with skills. Your skill idea can be very basic at first and we can work it out togheter. ( You can also suggest NONE COMBAT skills )

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