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September 11th, 2009, 21:48
Well as for skills in combat, I like positioning skills. Specially works if there's facing/orientation in the mix. Backstab if you're attacking from behind, Flank attacks from the sides.
There's also passive and active skills. Passive may be, you just fight better on sand, or grass. Active would be like, sprint for a longer move (losing stamina for example), or like the guard you mentioned.
Other type of skills would apply if there is height involved. Like climbing/balance, you would be able to move to an elevated tile for bonuses. Then you would have skills to push/pull people, possibly moving them from their advantageous position.
Obviously heals, but what about different type of heals. Heal over times (more health healed/less mana cost but heal happens over time), heal buffs (ignore first X points of damage), reactive heals (you get hit, you heal back an amount), health bonds (damage received is shared), etc.
There are also reactive skills. Those that happen when something else happens. For example, ready actions when something enters a tile (specially good for archers/ambushers), dispels when a enemy starts casting, etc.
And how about traps, invisible things that happen when the first creature walks over it (with the respective skill to detect traps). They can be damaging, weakening, snaring, holding, rooting, etc.
I also like skills that make you better against certain types enemies: animals, undeads, flyers, etc.

Someone mentioned pickpocket, funny that's one skill I never liked, simply because it's always too easy to exploit when you can save/load at any time.
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