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September 11th, 2009, 21:55
Good ides wolfing, and acctually you CANNOT save and load at anytime ( puh you did not get a hold of the design doc after all ) , hope it is not a game breaker for some. The game will always be "saved", and when you start you will begin where you left off. Making all C&C , skills attemp, etc etc final. Death will be handled in a very special way but you'll not have to restart from beginning as in ironmen mode.

Acttually there'll be a class kind of like Doctor, which have to use bandages, first aid, herbs etc, they cannot use magick, there'll also be some special chars who can use magic…. but magick is tough in this game, it is going to cost a lot of stamina to use it, and if your char is low on stamina, you could get in trouble….

Alchemy or some kind of create item skill. I love those in a RPG. Might be a pain in the behind to code, but you did say you're looking for suggestions
YEah it'll have this, but it might not be the most advanced system ever…

I'd guess you already have healing health, regenerating magic points or however you call it in the game.
Other suggestions might include pickpocketing, create diversion, ambush, hide in the forest/night/cave/… , potion making
More combat related: Shield bash, poisoning(losing health and/or abilities for a period of time/turns), bad/good luck (bad luck makes you lose your weapon, hurt yourself, or other things. good luck means you make a critical hit hurting the other more, make the other lose its weapon or break his shield…)
Will have most of those…. not sure about the luck thing though.
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