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September 13th, 2009, 12:18
I'm pro for an alchemy kind of skill.

Creating potions is always a lot of fun for me. (Had chemistry at school. )

Dunno about its usefulness, but what about languages ? Depends, of course, inhowfar they are used. Ancient languages on inscriptions could be a way, then special languages of certain professions (mages, especially might have their own languages, or there might be special warfare terminology), and of course foreigners or simply dialects and other cultures. I think the dialects part would be funny.

The only problem would be to implement them. In Beyond Divinity, one could not read texts without knowing the language. The graphical representation was so that without the proper skill, the text sheek (book page) remained in some sort of letters/runes one simply couldn't read.

The higher the skill value was, the more words were revealed.

With special terminology this could mean :

0 - dunno what they're talking about ???
1 - I vaguely recognise a few words … they sound faintly similar to other words I've heard before …
2 - I can pick up a few words (and sometimes even understand them !!!)
3 - I can put several words into their context
4 - I can understand complete sentences !!! YAY !
5 - In begin to understand the whole speech …
6 - I understand the whole speech !
7 - I not only understand the whole speech, but I can also put it into a global context !
8 - I can not only understand the whole speech and put it into a whole context, but I can also contribute to it ! (Should perhaps be linked to intelligence.)

This just as an idea.

Other ideas :

- negative values : could perhaps be the result from drinking too much ? Or severe illness ?

- the "bad attributes" of TDE … I really liked them, and I never found any game that had a similar thing … (greed, angst, fear of the dead, curiosity etc. …)

- of of course social skills ! TDE4 has (relatively new, because it was in optional rules for TDE3 already) a thing called "social status". There could be checks, of course. Like talking to upper class people. or when a person of lower status tries to impose [to be] someone of an higher status … The check would then show whether this "faking" of a higher social status is successful or not …

- What I also love if the knowledge of flowers/plants (herbs) like in Drakensang !

So far now from my side …

Edit : You obviously see that I'm heavily influenced by TDE …
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