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September 13th, 2009, 19:15
Well, I finally got around to actually finishing Wolfenstein last night … was in the final area but never finished it as I was playing other stuff. I have nothing to add to what has been said here, but am doing one of the 'discussion reviews' for it, which might be interesting after the 'agree-fest' over how wonderful Dawn of Discovery (Anno 1404) was on all three platforms, PC, DS & Wii.

Now also playing:
- Evil islands - still having fun with this.
- Hearts of Iron III … wow, grognard complexity overload! Once I actually got to the war part it was fun, but this isn't my type of game. Really well done for the serious wargamer, though.
- Majesty 2 - comes out this week in the US, and I have had fun - never played the original, but this one is fun in terms of being a city-builder with RTS elements and nice strategic bits. Cool feel and I'm just plain having fun!
- KotOR - grabbed the Steam game (yeah, I know, my 3rd copy including the Mac version) and restarted again. I still really love the game.

- Dissidia: Final Fantasy - fun fighting game with RPG elements. Just enough level-up and advancement to keep things interesting, with too many controls to possibly remember, let alone use effectively.
- Fate/Unlimited Codes - had no idea about the manga / anime, but the game is a fun straight fighting genre game. Loads of skills and missions, and permutations on the basic 'defeat 7 masters' core plot element from the manga. It is voiced in Japanese with subtitles, which I actually love.
- Disgaea 2 - I'll withhold judgment for a while, but so far this looks even better than the original!

I'm also involved with a beta I can't discuss … and was recently reminded about WHY you sign NDA's - someone revealed info without permission and it caused loads of problems … c'mon folks, NDA means you agree NOT to DISCLOSE …
-- Mike
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