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September 13th, 2009, 23:01

I just wanted to say that I finished the game, and will star gothic 2 tommorow.
I have already played Gothic 2, but not for too long. Stoped at 2nd chapter.

It's kinda funny, I was a legend in G1, but now I have to prove myself to Lee if I want to be mercenary.

It would be great if G2 could read some files from G1 and change beginning of G2.
But however, I can't wait to start playing Gothic 2.

I have two more questions.

Is Dexter, the bandit, same Dexter form Gothic 1?

I saw here that I will see Saturas in G2, I can't wait so I have to ask. Will he respect me or hate me because of incident with uriziel and ore? Or he will tell me "Who are you, You've no business in there!?"
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