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September 15th, 2009, 08:45
I used to kinda be into Dimmu, I'd have to say my favorite cd of theirs is Enthrone Darkness Triumphant. For one, the lyrics make sense as opposed to the gibberish that tends to pass as lyrics on some of their newer stuff that I got (puritanical, death cult), and also EDT can be pretty scary at times. That's what made me sit up and take notice, it's a truly disturbing piece of work at times. The dual-tracked distorted vocals, the choral sections around the speeding doom-tonal guitars, the seeming belief and allegiance with theistic satanism and shocking lyrical blasphemy that leaves you feeling like if you havent fucked up til this point - by rocking out to this cd youve truly sealed the deal now. That's what makes that one of the only BM cd's that Ive had to keep in my collection, it's just too good to ditch.

The pure blackness of "Relinquishment of Spirit and Flesh", in my opinion, listen to that at 5:10 - if that isnt pure black metal, i dont know what is. "Possessed for eternity…". Then the next one, the Night Masquerade, at the end has that unbelievable section of utter blackness starting at 3:10. Love the "sluts of lust" on that one "oh yes, master, let us receive thine offer and drink with theeee.." Awesome

But Ive calmed down a bit in my old age of 37, I'm now more into non-black symphonic and "gothic" metal (tho most of what referred to as "gothic" isnt dark at all these days), doom, or my favorite the male/female gothic doom thing such as Tristania or Draconian. Love and death, w/ thee for all eternity, my dark enchantress, that whole thing. Great stuff

Evenfall, great early Tristania."call thy name at nightfall, reach out to thee, life's rose". yeah im gettin old
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