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September 16th, 2009, 09:03
Warhammer: Mark of Chaos

still playing it, fun game for the most part. CAn level up your heros rpg style, so that's fun. Said for the most part because it does have some problems tho. The AI can be anything but intelligent, the heros get so crazily OP you theoretically can play the game without an army after a certain point, the hero duels totally suck, and castle sieges are ridiculous timed slogfests that really can test the patience. Seriously, the castle warfare aspect of this game is downright awful, and scenario after scenario of the campaign keeps throwing them at me. You cant target things on the walls effectively, youre placed on the map in range of cannons all over the walls that shell the crap out of you, then trying to actually herd my numskull troops in thru a crack in the wall (while getting pounded on) is like trying to get a bunch of second graders thru a pet door. And for some reason, they timed the castle missions, freakin idiots.

The wide-open maps are fun tho, when theyre just throwing stuff at your army or youre assaulting an army. Lots of cool units, artillery and magic sends units comically flying, good times. Overall having fun, hell Ive been playing it for weeks, but some parts of the game kinda suck. My favorite type of game, the love-hate ones!
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