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September 16th, 2009, 12:13
It's circular.

Building ego isn't fun? Why do it then?

Because it's satisfying - right? Yeah, and doing something satisfying is… fun!

Again, it's pointless to try and separate these concepts because they all originate from the same place.

You can discuss whether it's "healthy" or "beneficial" - like many KINDS of fun, but it's fun nonetheless.

I agree it's very interesting to understand whether these addictions are healthy or not, but I don't agree that they're not based on having fun - or whatever term you want to use.

World of Warcraft is basically Diablo - but it's stretched extremely thin. As such, I'd argue you get less for more time invested - but it's only a problem if it affects your real life.

What I'm saying is, basically, that the question should be:

When do the problems that result from having fun excede the fun you're having?




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