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September 16th, 2009, 13:28
I vote for find ingredients XYZ and experiment/find recipe to mix potion X.

A system that makes sense is always best, imo. Take Return to Krondor as an example. You could use up to 5 different ingredients to make a potion.

One had to be 'essential salts'.
Second was either aqua fortis or water (Aqua for was for strong potions and water just for normal or weak.
Third was some kind of powder. This one was optional depending on what you were making.
Fourth a tincture or elixir like bloodwine or Tincture of Vitriol. Again optional depending on what your making.
Fifth was a metal one like gold or copper. I hate to say optional again, but it is

Each ingrediant did something for the potion. Like gold was needed for spellcasting type potions. It's a little complicated, but well worth the effort, imo. Just if you do decide to go with an elabrate alchemy system, please don't make it so you can't use it till the third act. I hated I had to wait so long to start brewing my own potions.
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