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September 16th, 2009, 18:21
Originally Posted by DArtagnan View Post
Building ego isn't fun? Why do it then?
Fun, sure.

The ego lives in a near constant state of lack, of 'not enough,' and this is what many games and game players seek in gaming, to build a sense of self, a false identity.

Originally Posted by DArtagnan
Because it's satisfying - right?
Temporarily satisfying but not ultimately satisfying. Compulsively caught in a trap of temporarily relief from the ego's sense of lack is a type of prison.

It's not a problem.. It just is. Making it into a problem is making another state of lacking, which the ego likes to do.

Ok, so someone spends 20 years playing games that someone might call them addicted, so what.. It's not a problem. Problem making is a mechanic of the ego.

It all turns to dust anyway. Enjoy and make fun of what you can and live life. Then die.

You could call the CEO of a large corporation an addict for more money, power and notoriety. Same basic mechanic, but he may have things to show for it. But it could still be called an compulsive addiction. And this hypothetical CEO could harm lots of people in his quest to build his earthly possessions.

But picking on gamers is easier to do.. It is more obviously futile.
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