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September 18th, 2009, 13:56
I prefer the basic structure of the forum as is, but like some people said; new games are coming. Dragon Age for instance, I think might require it's own forum. I fully agree that G1,2, and 3 should be merged, at the very least. If space has to be made for new games though, I can see that it would be a tough call to decide which ones to sack and which ones to give their own little spot in the sun.

Anyway, I like what Wolfing and Prime Junta said, about expanding current forums to include games of the same series or same dev/publisher. For instance, if the Watch had been more TES oriented, I'd say give a TES forum that includes all the TES related games; or even a Bethesda forum.

Same with D&D or Bioware; -and so on.

Seperating topics the way it is done on the site, helps that threads don't disappear into oblivion too soon, for less regular visitors like myself. When I come over to the Watch, I immediately know where to go, to go and check on my favourite topics.
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