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September 19th, 2009, 00:52
Clearly we don't know - and in fact, the idea is hard to define. Polls are just a bit of fun.

For me, I think "yes" and agree with Mo in many ways, despite always enjoying the Infinity Engine games while he never did.

It won't have the scope or size of BG2 and the new ruleset won't offer the same range of choices. But hopefully it was designed to suit a computer game and the combat videos look evocative of the Infinity Engine. They've also talked about choices and different paths, which wasn't really something BG/2 offered in any great depth. I was also never inspired by the story - it was OK, but not great for me.

So, I think it will be somewhat streamlined and smaller in scope but might offer more actual roleplaying opportunities and, hopefully, a better story.
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