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September 19th, 2009, 13:19
I think no, for a few simple reasons.

- The gameplay mechanics look decent, but I doubt they will match the complexity and breadth of DnD. It's a hard thing to match, DnD has a huge legacy behind it. The new ruleset may, however, be more intuitive and accessible.

-A lot of the VO I've seen is pretty awkward, which surprises me in a Bioware title. The text in BG2 was better than poorly done VO because you imagine the accents, they don't jarr.

- I don't think they will match the scope of BG2. Unfortunately, the cost of making game assets has gone up, so game scope keeps suffering. It appears to be a trend.

That being said, I have hope that this will actually be a good game. And I like the origins trailers. I don't think it will really match up to BG2, but I hope that it will make a worthy stab at it.
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