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September 19th, 2009, 20:01
I thought we were comparing DA to BG, not BG2. TBH, BG was a lot less fun than BG2. And I don't think the D&D system can make combat in a game very interesting. Though I heard that 4th edition changed a lot…

Anyway, back to DA, we really haven't seen that many game play videos of the game to make a fair judgment, most of the videos were all advertising fluff materials, where dialogs were cut into bits and pieces, which doesn't give us a good sense of the flow of the dialog, or VO performance.

These new gameplay (dialog heavy) videos should do a much better job at showing the promise that DA held:

From VE3D, dialog, choices and party reactions

Edit: it may be just be, but the overhead view scenes in the harbor city (and the brief combat) of the 2nd trailer, has pretty strong BG vibe to them.

Also, I like the clear, icon and text based, display of each character's current action in a battle. It makes it much easier to track what everyone's doing, w/o resorting to reading the combat logs.

The PC of the videos seem to be a warrior, and from the description of the "Shield Bash" skill, it seems that the warrior type of DA functions similarly to that of WoW. Though I am not sure how the "rage" (for a lack of better word to describe it) of the warrior actually increases. It doesn't look like it is based on how much dmg you take. Since the PC didn't regen any "rage"(despite taking damage) during the brief fighting scene, but the party member right below him (also look like a warrior) clearly regen'ed "rage."
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