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September 19th, 2009, 20:06
I bought D&D 4th ed, and I hate it. It's basically a pen-and-paper version of a MMORPG. Character development is way more restricting, there's much less scope for house rules and "rolling your own," and everybody's über-powerful from level 1 -- with high-level stuff being positively ridiculous. What's more, it requires figurines and a grid to play, because many of the powers make no sense without them. The skill system has been totally dumbed down, and it's even more purely combat-focused than previous editions.

IOW, it's only good for high-pyrotechnics hack-slash-and-fireball style action gaming; trying to run a more role-playing oriented campaign with those rules would be a waste of time.

(I'm just starting a new campaign tomorrow, and it's with D&D 3.0 rules.)
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