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September 20th, 2009, 16:21
Hi - why not ask yourselves what you want your forums to achieve, then choose what to do on that basis?

Personally, I come here to hear about and talk about RPGs - it's that simple. I don't know what the separate forums per title are supposed to achieve. For some people, they have no interest in X… but are you really trying to anticipate that? If you want to reflect what people are interested in, well… threads are sorted in order of update. Your forum members will keep the stuff they're interested in on top. If it's all River of Time, then ok, if it's Gothic 4 ok… Not sure why you're trying to make this decision for them with separate areas 'baked in'. If people want say, help on a particular RPG, that's what your search function is for.

Alternatively, if you do feel people do want to come to more specific forums, I would try and reflect the terms most people think in and do it by whoever gives us the game. There's no need for super-precise naming, you just need to use descriptive text that reflects the term your audience thinks in. So something like:

Piranha Bytes (The Gothics and Risen)
CD Projekt (The Witchers)
Bioware (Baldur's Gate, Neverwinter, Dragon Age, KOTOR, Mass Effect…)
Radon Labs (Drakensang, River of Time)
Bethesda (The Elder Scrolls, Fallout 3)

Other (Alpha Protocol, Deep Shadow titles (Boiling Point) Troika titles (Bloodlines)…)

Indies (Tactica, Age of Decadence…)

This would spare you the effort of starting and retiring forums often. You could consider a subforum for spoilers in each perhaps? You always get some edge cases, but not that many. The original Fallouts probably don't live under Bethesda, the Obsidian NWN2 expansion doesn't want to go with Obsidian's Alpha Protocol, but it wouldn't be worth worrying over if you capture the main structure of the RPG producing industry And you' be able to have lots of discussion over wherever you put Gothic 4
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