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September 20th, 2009, 19:10
I installed the demo of Tropico 3 last night. And played a bit with it.

I don't know … What I'll never quite understand is why some games just lose their charm when they are converted to 3D …

Don't get me wrong: It is a really nice game, but it's not as good for me than the old Tropico game … Maybe they put too much emphasis on points I personally don't consider that important …

Example: The street. There is just a street with cars and with vans, but not with footgangers/pedestrians anymore … Al transport is done via cars.

What I loved so much is the so-called "wusel-effect", which made The Settlers a thing I just loved to watch … This effect is partly now gone for me, for example because there are now those streets …

On the positive side, El Presidente can actually walk around !

The interface is also new. It looks rather like some collection of books, whereas the UI of the older game just looks like … Well, i don't have any words for this.

All in all, Im very mixed about it. It's a good game, but it fails to impress me in the points that are important to me - perhaps because they believed that other things were more important than the things *I* find important.
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