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September 21st, 2009, 12:40
Originally Posted by TheNevers View Post
I don't know what you guys are smoking, but comparing NWN to BG is an insult to BG. (edit: I mean, BG as a series)
But well, the OC of NWN and NWN 2 is just too bad and I don't bother to get the X packs, may be I missed something.
I agree, and you did. Mask of the Betrayer is great, and Hordes of the Underdark is quite entertaining too, as dungeon crawlers go.

Thing is, NWN was originally intended as the BG2 sequel. You were even supposed to be able to import your characters. They only changed that when D&D 3.0 came out and they decided to go with that instead.

"Spiritual successor" is a vague and nebulous term and needs to be anchored somewhere for it to mean something -- and it's bound to mean different things for different people. Someone installed all the possible romance pack mods in BG2, which probably means they feel that all the intra-party drama was what made it so awesome. Someone else carefully crafted a perfectly min-maxed kensai/mage and soloed through the damn thing, which probably means they're looking for rich character development options and challenge. Someone else liked the freeform early part of BG2 with its wide variety of sidequests, some tailored to specific characters. Someone else liked the hand-crafted 2d art. Yet someone else has the hots for Minsc. (Hell, there's probably someone out there dreaming of Boo.) And so on and so forth.

BG, based on AD&D, has
- Complex (if not TOO complex for kids nowadays) combat experience. I still remember all the spell counters.
NWN and NWN2 was also based on D&D and is at least as complex in terms of combat.

- Hard combat that involves using your ability (a.k.a. your brain) instead of grinding exp.
Please explain.

- Character advancement that isn't just looting "shinnies". Epic levels that's really EPIC
Also present in NWN and NWN2.

NWN? I steamrolled it with a barbarian and never looked back, it is easy, simple, it can be translated to a hack n' slash game easily.
Yup, it's easier than BG -- although if you crank up the difficulty, it can become more challenging. NWN2 in Hardcore, especially. And you can always try different character builds -- playing as a bard or rogue is much more rewarding in many ways than playing as a barbarian.

NWN2? I *think* I played it with my friend. But sadly I can't even remember if I finished it. You can tell how *good* a game it is, I think.
edit: Oh and not to mention, the loading times.

Ok back to DA.
No multiplayer? How could it be BG if it doesn't have multiplayer?
End of discussion.
I always keep forgetting about that, never having used multiplayer in any of these games.
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