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September 21st, 2009, 21:24
played MajestyII for like 6 hours last night, had a lot of fun. It's repetitive, but it just draws me in and I cant stop playing it. It's a tweaked remake, and I'm fine w/ that. Far prettier in it's move to 3d too, and more detailed. For instance, when your minions come rolling off the assembly line, theyre only the base model. As you upgrade the equipment that they can buy at the blacksmith, they change appearance to reflect their new stuff. The effects are really cool too, magic, poison and such are fun to watch. Ive been lately going w/ tons of ranged troops, two guild's worth of archers and a full house of elves and wizards backing up a few warriors or rogues. Watching the fireworks fly when they all start going w/ their magic shots n fireballs n stuff is pretty damn cool!
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