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September 22nd, 2009, 11:19
Originally Posted by Zaleukos View Post
I will miss the MP too. I think any party based RPG should be able to offer coop MP in the vein of BG, but very few have (and noone has done it better).
I first know about "no MP" in a 1up video interviewing the bioware doctors.
The host actually kids that the interview is over when they announce there will be no MP in DA.

What piss me off is, they claim "it cannot be done".

You can do BG more than a decade ago with MP.
Now with all the new Tech more resources and you CANNOT do it.
IMHO, They care more about their profit than their users, us gamers.
I don't give a damn to their EXCUSES. Bioware is a no for me ever since then.
WTF would I buy their game funding them when they're not working for the gamer's best game experience.
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