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September 22nd, 2009, 11:39
Originally Posted by skavenhorde View Post
People actually played the MP for Baldur's Gate? I thought IWD would of been a better choice for multi-player. That game was basically made for mp.

As for why they didn't make implement it. Easy answer, how many games tried to implement MP and had a great singleplayer experience? Not many. I would rather they focus on one and not the other.
Actually I played both series. Good o' college days.
BG is more like a … story experience to me, a journey. .
And IWD feels more "gamey" to me.

As for why they didn't implement it. Simple question:
Once upon a time they made BG, they made a great SP experience as well as implementing MP. Now they "can't".
Does it mean they're actually getting WORSE in making games?
If not, does it mean they can do it, just they WON'T?
If they won't do it, why they would do it BACK THEN but not NOW?
Either way, why would I support such developer?
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