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September 22nd, 2009, 13:50
Originally Posted by skavenhorde View Post
People actually played the MP for Baldur's Gate? I thought IWD would of been a better choice for multi-player. That game was basically made for mp.
Oh, IWD is better for MP since there is less dialogue, but Baldurs Gate is still among the best coop RPGs in existance. RPGs are in deed not always the best games as the roleplaying tends to leave one of the players waiting while the other is handling dialogue and whatnot. This is the strongest argument against story driven multiplayer RPGs.

The second argument is balancing, going from one character to two changes the dynamic of combat. But that is a non-issue in party games such as Baldur's Gate or Neverwinter Nights 2, just split control of the characters between the players!

Provided one is prepared to overlook the first point it should be pretty darn trivial to implement MP in games where you control a party rather than a single protagonist, so I dont really buy the line of defense that it has to be difficult to implement, you just tack on an extra layer. Since the infinity engine essentially was a RTS engine this was extremely straightforward back in the case of Baldurs Gate.

As for why they didn't make implement it. Easy answer, how many games tried to implement MP and had a great singleplayer experience? Not many. I would rather they focus on one and not the other.
Baldurs Gate, IWD, and Neverwinter Nights spring to mind. If we are a bit more generous in our definition of RPG Dungeon Lords for all its faults have MP that is at least as enjoyable as SP. Outside that we are pretty much down to the hack n slash genre.

I'd say the omission of multiplayer has more to do with a choice to move to more cinematic gameplay and a perceived lack of demand from the player base than with actual technical problems. After all a RPG requires many hours of gameplay, and getting players together for a session becomes more difficult the longer the game is. It is easy to get a group of friends together for 5-30 minutes of FPS or RTS play, but much harder to find the time for 120h of Baldurs Gate
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